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Bene gesserit - les vleurs du bal

Adoration  ~ Affection  ~ Agony  ~ Amusement  ~ Anger  ~ Anguish  ~ Anxiety  ~ Apathy  ~ Awe  ~ Boredom  ~ Calmness  ~ Cheerfulness  ~ Compassion  ~ Contempt  ~ Contentment  ~ Depression  ~ Desire  ~ Disappointment  ~ Discontent  ~ Disgust  ~ Ecstasy  ~ Embarrassment  ~ Empathy  ~ Enthusiasm  ~ Envy  ~ Euphoria  ~ Fear  ~ Gratitude  ~ Grief  ~ Guilt  ~ Happiness  ~ Hatred  ~ Hope  ~ Hostility  ~ Humiliation  ~ Impatience  ~ Indignation  ~ Insecurity  ~ Jealousy  ~ Joy  ~ Loneliness  ~ Loss  ~ Love  ~ Lust  ~ Malice  ~ Melancholy  ~ Nostalgia  ~ Panic  ~ Passion  ~ Pity  ~ Pride  ~ Rage  ~ Regret  ~ Remorse  ~ Resentment  ~ Sadness  ~ Shame  ~ Sorrow  ~ Suffering  ~ Surprise  ~ Sympathy  ~ Wonder  ~ Worry

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Frank Herbert’s DUNE is widely known as the science fiction equivalent of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and THE ROAD TO DUNE is a companion work comparable to THE SILMARILLION, shedding light on and...

At the end of film, the wife of the Count Fenring leaps towards Paul, who has already become Fremen, and she slices his throat. Paul while dying says: "Too late, one cannot kill me... because...

In the video game series BioShock , most of the enemies in both BioShock and BioShock 2 , referred to as "splicers", as well as the player, gain superpowers and enhance their physical and mental capabilities by means of genetically engineered plasmids , created by use of ADAM – stem cells secreted by a species of sea slug. [9]

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Quotes . Oderint dum metuant. Let them hate, so long as they fear . Lucius Accius, fragment. Fear is the foundation of most governments. John Adams, Thoughts on ...

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Bene Gesserit - Les Vleurs Du BalBene Gesserit - Les Vleurs Du BalBene Gesserit - Les Vleurs Du BalBene Gesserit - Les Vleurs Du Bal