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Anúna - deep dead blue

In July 2009, Anúna gave the first performance of Behind the Closed Eye in the Republic of Ireland at Dublin's National Concert Hall with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland . The group performed again with the orchestra in July 2010, with Finnish violinist Linda Lampenius . [26] The programme included a number of new pieces and arrangements including the nine-minute McGlynn fantasia based on the songs of Thomas Moore , "The Last Rose". [ citation needed ]

We have recorded four pieces in total, one of which will be released with a beautiful music video featuring ANÚNA. The piece is called "Shadow of the Lowlands”, and it played in the Kingdom of Tantal in the game. I am sure that it will give you a strange, mysterious sensation whilst walking around the Kingdom of Tantal. Please enjoy playing the game, as I am sure it will give you a totally new feeling that you have never felt before.

This CD is my favorite Anuna album. genuinely believe that this one, originally released as long ago as 1996, is way ahead of its time. The title track is ...

Anúna - Deep Dead BlueAnúna - Deep Dead BlueAnúna - Deep Dead BlueAnúna - Deep Dead Blue