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Jakub rene kosik - arriving

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Three years later, 1997, Jakub was able to get (that was not easy, because he was 14 . then) to Wrocław's night party "Technodelic Vinyl Night", where he met the organizers: DJ Mniamos and Patrycja Hefczyńska (Husky, Oszibarack). The conversation led to cooperation, so that two weeks later, Jakub performs his first public live act in the Wroclaw's Liverpool club. He became the youngest producer in the world of electronic dance music, playing live, without the use of a computer, record players or CD players. The original musical style - a combination of house, acid techno and minimal - carried a series of performances throughout Poland, both clubs, as well as at the open-air parties, on the occasion of the so-called teknivals. He was also a resident of the legendary Maska club in Wroclaw.

Jakub Rene Kosik - ArrivingJakub Rene Kosik - ArrivingJakub Rene Kosik - ArrivingJakub Rene Kosik - Arriving